Tammy & Matt’s Balmoral Wedding

There is no denying that I love a colourful wedding, so working on Tammy & Matt’s wedding was a dream! The red and orange florals suited their sunshiney beachside wedding perfectly. With a lunchtime reception at Bather’s Pavilion, Tammy & Matt wanted the flowers to echo the relaxed and laid-back feel of being by the […]

Daisy & Ka Wai’s sunny yellow wedding

Despite the name of this post, Daisy and Ka Wai’s wedding day started with torrential rain. Big fat scary raindrops, falling relentlessly and turning Sydney into a wet sopping mess!  When I got to Daisy’s place, I looked at the bouquets in the back seat, down at my raincoat, and pondered my next move. In […]

Jenn & Leon’s beautiful waterside wedding

I met Jenn & Leon over email as they lived in Singapore and were planning their Sydney wedding from afar. I finally got to meet them just two days before their wedding, and they were every bit as wonderful as they sounded! They were super sweet and super friendly, the kind of couple that makes […]

A gorgeous sydney garden wedding

Happy new year everyone! With a small breather before I am back in the thick of wedding season, one of my first orders of business for 2012 is to clear the backlog of beautiful images sitting on my desktop that have been waiting impatiently to grace the pages of this blog! First up is Rebekah […]

Jon & Germaine’s Wedding: An explosion of colour!

I knew I wanted to be a part of Jon & Germaine’s wedding as soon as I sat down to my first coffee with Germaine. She was sooo lovely and sweet, and as we shared giggles over our love of food and our disobedient dogs, it all but slipped my mind that I was actually […]