Meet Flannel Flower.

For many people, the phrase ‘native flowers’ conjures up images of bottle brush and dull-coloured scrubby bush. There is a feeling amongst some that natives are ‘ugly’ and ‘cheap’ and I have had many a bride wrinkle their nose at me when I talk about using natives in their wedding bouquets. To all the native-haters […]

Anoushka & Josh’s super awesome Peat’s Bite Wedding

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. In the same week I got news of a last minute cancellation, I received an email from Anoushka asking if I would be available for her wedding. It was for the same date as the cancellation – what luck! As I read her email further, it reaffirmed my […]

Awesome Alert: buttonholes & haircombs

Today’s Awesome Alert is a wedding detail I spotted on the pages of Pinterest. What a gorgeous idea for guests as they arrive at a wedding – buttonholes for the guys and hair combs for the ladies! It’s great for a bit of fun, and what a lovely way to make your guests feel welcome […]

Jenn & Leon’s beautiful waterside wedding

I met Jenn & Leon over email as they lived in Singapore and were planning their Sydney wedding from afar. I finally got to meet them just two days before their wedding, and they were every bit as wonderful as they sounded! They were super sweet and super friendly, the kind of couple that makes […]