What the heck is that flower? #1

Beyond roses, lilies and peonies, flower names remain a mystery to most. Admittedly, before I became a florist, I too had no idea about flower names, resorting to descriptions such as “that pink fluffy one” and “the bluey-greeney kind of spiky one”. So in the interest of growing your general knowledge (think pub trivia) and […]

Cecilia & Gerald’s summertime wedding

Seriously, how can it be July already?! The year has whizzed by, and as I look at this set of images I can’t believe it has been six months since this gorgeous wedding! (And this beautiful warm sunlight! Winter, can you please go now?) Cecilia & Gerald were married in February and I had so […]

Daisy & Ka Wai’s sunny yellow wedding

Despite the name of this post, Daisy and Ka Wai’s wedding day started with torrential rain. Big fat scary raindrops, falling relentlessly and turning Sydney into a wet sopping mess!  When I got to Daisy’s place, I looked at the bouquets in the back seat, down at my raincoat, and pondered my next move. In […]

A gorgeous sydney garden wedding

Happy new year everyone! With a small breather before I am back in the thick of wedding season, one of my first orders of business for 2012 is to clear the backlog of beautiful images sitting on my desktop that have been waiting impatiently to grace the pages of this blog! First up is Rebekah […]

Dave and Weiping’s sunshine yellow wedding

  Everyone, meet Weiping and Dave! Dave and Weiping wanted their wedding to be elegant but playful, slightly whimsical and woodland-y. Planning this wedding was heaps of fun – they had loads of great ideas, and I especially loved Dave’s keen involvement! Often I have very little contact with grooms (c’mon guys, flowers are so […]