What the heck is that flower? #5

We are so overdue for one of these, don’t you think? Welcome to a new installment of WTHITF! Today’s bouquet is one that kicked off our spring wedding season back on the first day of September. It’s bright, it’s textured, and it’s full of springtime goodies! Which are your favourites? I know I’m not meant […]

What the heck is that flower? #1

Beyond roses, lilies and peonies, flower names remain a mystery to most. Admittedly, before I became a florist, I too had no idea about flower names, resorting to descriptions such as “that pink fluffy one” and “the bluey-greeney kind of spiky one”. So in the interest of growing your general knowledge (think pub trivia) and […]

One sunshiney day….

Don’t you love when you cross paths with old friends? Jen and I were friends way back in my first year of uni but as often happens, life took us in different directions and we dropped out of contact. So imagine my delight when my facebook inbox blinked red with Jen’s message saying she was […]

A vintage-inspired wedding shoot

Back in September, I was asked to collaborate on a vintage-inspired wedding shoot. Lucky me got to spend an afternoon with some super-brilliant super-talented wedding professionals!   During the course of a wedding there is usually little time to meet and get to know other wedding vendors. Some days, in the frenzy of dropping off […]

A taste of summer, with flowers to match!

Hurrah for the weekend’s weather! Glorious sunshine that had me and the rest of Sydney smiling non-stop. I think there may even have been some skipping on my part. Hopefully the last of the cold weather is behind us. The thought of long sunny days and warm balmy nights makes me giddy with happiness.   […]