What the heck is that flower? #2

Today’s WTHITF post features a bouquet I made for the recent One Fine Day wedding fair. It has all the whimsical gardeny qualities of a springtime bouquet, using flowers available right here in the middle of winter!

winter vintage bouquet

Double tulips are one of my favourite winter flowers – they have loads more petals than ordinary tulips, and are a great winter substitute for peonies, dahlias and other fuller-headed flowers available in the warmer months. I teamed this up with paperwhites and Queen Anne’s lace to create a bouquet that was full of texture with a soft, wispy feel about it.

If you think there’s nothing better than the smell of sweet-scented flowers, you’ll want to get down to your nearest florist and grab a bunch of paperwhites (or their sisters, jonquils). They have the most wonderful smell, and it doesn’t take many of them to fill a room with their sweet scent!

Love a flower but can’t figure out what it’s called? Send us a piccie and we’ll include in an upcoming WTHITF post!



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