Don’t forget the ceremony!

“Nah, we’re not going to bother with flowers for the ceremony – it’s only half an hour of the day anyway.”

I used to hear this from couples and it made me (and I’m sure wedding celebrants everywhere) very sad!

While it may only be half an hour, it is actually the most important half hour of your entire wedding day (and possibly your life, some may argue). It is the time when not-so-minor events like ring giving, vow exchanging and oh you know, officially becoming husband and wife occur. So give your ceremony the care and attention that it deserves!

Luckily, I am definitely noticing an increase in the focus that couples are placing on their ceremony. People are spending more time and allocating more budget towards making sure their ceremony looks amazing and is a truly personal experience. Hooray!

ceremony styling sydney

Now we won’t all be able to afford outdoor chandeliers and custom made arbors, but there are endless options for how you can create the perfect ceremony area, on any budget. Ribbons, lanterns, flower arches, wreaths, chair ends…. it goes on and on! Check out some of my favourites on Pinterest!

Have a great week everyone! xx


Photo thanks: Victor Sizemore Photography