What the heck is that flower? #3

I hope you are enjoying these WTHITF posts! Flower names remain a mystery to most people, so I have started this spot on the blog to help you learn a few of your favourites and hopefully introduce you to new pretties you might not have met before :)

Today’s WTHITF post comes from an April wedding and is chock full of bright, colourful and textured goodies.

colourful bridal red and orange bouquet

This is truly a bouquet you’d want to reach out and touch. It has feathery bits (celosia), spiky bits (sea holly), bobbly bits (hypericum berry), furry bits (trick), and of course lots of pretty bits in between! Which are your favourites?

Don’t be afraid to mix lots of different textural elements into your bouquet – the result will be something interesting and one-of-a-kind! If you love texture but want something a little more subtle, stick to neutral tones (whites, creams, greens) and pick flowers and foliage that fall within that colour palette.

┬áIf you’ve seen a flower you love but don’t know the name of, email us a photo and we’ll include it in an upcoming WTHITF post! Check out previous WTHITF posts here and here xx

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