Dave and Weiping’s sunshine yellow wedding


Everyone, meet Weiping and Dave!

Dave and Weiping wanted their wedding to be elegant but playful, slightly whimsical and woodland-y. Planning this wedding was heaps of fun – they had loads of great ideas, and I especially loved Dave’s keen involvement! Often I have very little contact with grooms (c’mon guys, flowers are so fun! Really!), so I welcomed Dave with open arms as he enthusiastically showed me props that he wanted to use, and flowers that he liked.

For the girls’ bouquets, we used white dahlias, lemony-yellow roses, lissianthus, bouvardia and billy buttons. As part of my brief, Weiping requested billy buttons be used in absolutely everything. They are so cute, I was more than happy to oblige!

yellow wedding bouquet

The girls looked gorgeous, and the boys were looking sharp!


Big yellow and white balloons happily bobbed away in the breeze outside.


Dave and Weiping were married by Robyn Pattison, in one of the nicest and most personal ceremonies I have seen. There were tears and lots of giggles all around.


Isn’t this flowergirl precious?

Inside, dancing lady orchids featured on the tables. There are few things more yellow and cheery than sprays of these orchids. Plus with a name like ‘dancing ladies’, they’re always going to be loads of fun! We added tortured willow for a bit of a woodland-y look, and small vases of white and yellow flowers. Everything sat on top of yellow and white table runners – definitely no mistaking what the colour theme was here!

yellow wedding theme centrepieces

yellow wedding theme


Two yummy yellow details:

Delicious cocktails and a cheese cake of course! Yum yum yum.


Late in the night, there was the obligatory round of ‘yum sengs’! A staple at every chinese wedding, ‘yum seng’ loosely translates to “drink to finish”, and is a toast to the bride and groom. When yum seng-ing to a couple, it must be done very loudly, and many times! As the bride and groom visit each table, everyone raises their glasses, seemingly for a polite little clink-clink. Instead, what transpires is a loud chorus of “YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMM SENG!” Rowdier groups often start competitions with neighboring tables, trying to outdo each other’s yum-sengs, both in noise level, and length. I have seen many a shocked waiter at venues, almost drop their plates with fright as even the tamest of aunts and uncles get on their chairs and bellow this toast for a long and happy marriage.

As the night came to an end, everyone headed outside for one last picture. Sparklers in hand, balloons still cheerily hovering above, it was a great end to a perfect night. Congratulations again Dave and Weiping!

Thank you to SugarLove Photography and Steven Su for these wonderful photos!

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