It’s spring and our wildflowers are blooming!

Over the weekend Owen and I were driving through a national park when I spotted some waratahs in the midst of the bush. Aren’t they stunning? Big and bright red, they were pretty hard to miss! We had a grand ol’ time bush-bashing our way through so I could get better photos.

When bought from a shop, you don’t get to see these flowers in all their glory. They are TALL!

Closeup, they are actually hundreds of smaller flowers clustered together in a domed shape.

The waratah is bold and striking in appearance, great for arrangements that make a statement!

In contrast, there are also many natives out there with smaller delicate flowers, making them great for wedding work requiring a softer look. For those planning a rustic or whimsical themed wedding, native flowers like wattle, Geralton wax, eriostemon and thryp are currently in bloom and combine beautifully to create unstructured bouquets and arrangements with that great ‘just-picked’ feel.

Native wildflower corsage I love natives for all the varying colours and forms they come in. They add great textural elements (and a touch of Australiana) to any bouquet or arrangement. Gorgeous! x


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