A taste of summer, with flowers to match!

Hurrah for the weekend’s weather! Glorious sunshine that had me and the rest of Sydney smiling non-stop. I think there may even have been some skipping on my part. Hopefully the last of the cold weather is behind us. The thought of long sunny days and warm balmy nights makes me giddy with happiness.


Warm weather like this always makes me think of bright sunny colors – bold shades of pinks, yellows and oranges – to wear, to buy, and especially to use in my work. I love working with brights – the cheeriness of colorful flowers is infectious and often leaves me smiling and singing while I work.


Speaking of bright colors, on the weekend I was asked to put some flowers together for a kitchen tea. The brief was pretty vague, “I leave it to you, just make it bright!” Well, that I can do. Armed with full creative license, I went to the flower market and picked the brightest most beautiful flowers on offer. Without a detailed shopping list, it was like being let loose in a candy store. So much fun!


And here is the final result:

Colorful flower arrangement

Flowers in jars

Flower arrangement in a bottle

The warmer months are just an explosion of color at the markets – so many goodies to choose from! I included sunflowers, trick, alstromeria, daffodils, sweetpea, stock and my favourite spring flower, ranunculus.

Closeup of colorful flowers

orange ranunculus

As always, love is in the details. A bit of twine around the jars with a tiny floral addition as a finishing touch.

jar decoration

One quick snap on location – look at all the yummy food…. delish!

colorful flowers kitchen tea decorations

I leave you today with a mood board from the amazingly talented Preston Bailey. Sensational colors that mirror the mood I am in and the weekend weather we have experienced! Wouldn’t you just love walking into a wedding or event with this colour palette? There would be no doubt there is a party to be had!

Colorful mood board

Have a great week ahead everyone! xx


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