Meet Flannel Flower.

For many people, the phrase ‘native flowers’ conjures up images of bottle brush and dull-coloured scrubby bush. There is a feeling amongst some that natives are ‘ugly’ and ‘cheap’ and I have had many a bride wrinkle their nose at me when I talk about using natives in their wedding bouquets. To all the native-haters out there, this post is for you.

Today I want to introduce you to a gorgeous little flower that is dainty, daisy-like, and yes, a native!

Everyone, meet flannel flower.

Flannel Flower wedding bouquet

It’s cute as a button and as its name suggests, flannel-y in texture!

Sydney wedding flowers flannel flower bouquet

australian native flowers wedding

For these wedding centrepieces we combined flannel flower with gum foliage, tetragum nuts and old man banksia. 100% native flowers and foliage. Completely gorgeous and not a wrinkled nose in sight!

So please, won’t you give natives a chance? They’re an untapped treasure trove of goodness! xx


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