What the heck is that flower? #4

If you follow my work you will, by now, know two things about me:

1. I am slightly obsessed with seaholly. It’s cute, its blue, it’s spiky. What’s not to love? I think it’s adorable, and it looks great in just about every bouquet!

2. I think succulents rock. Like seaholly, I think they belong everywhere!

So you can understand why I loved Noush’s bouquets so much:

rustic autumn flowers wedding bouquet

Non-floral goodies such as succulents, berries and foliage (and seaholly, of course!) are a great way to incorporate interesting and unusual elements into your bouquet. And they’re super hardy too!

This bouquet is from a wedding I featured earlier this week. To see more photos from this gorgeous day, check out this post!

Have a flower (or foliage) you don’t know the name of? Email a photo to us and we’ll include it in an upcoming WTHITF post! xx


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  1. Esther says:

    my fave so far!!