Meet Flannel Flower.

For many people, the phrase ‘native flowers’ conjures up images of bottle brush and dull-coloured scrubby bush. There is a feeling amongst some that natives are ‘ugly’ and ‘cheap’ and I have had many a bride wrinkle their nose at me when I talk about using natives in their wedding bouquets. To all the native-haters out there, this post is for you.

Today I want to introduce you to a gorgeous little flower that is dainty, daisy-like, and yes, a native!

Everyone, meet flannel flower.

Flannel Flower wedding bouquet

It’s cute as a button and as its name suggests, flannel-y in texture!

Sydney wedding flowers flannel flower bouquet

australian native flowers wedding

For these wedding centrepieces we combined flannel flower with gum foliage, tetragum nuts and old man banksia. 100% native flowers and foliage. Completely gorgeous and not a wrinkled nose in sight!

So please, won’t you give natives a chance? They’re an untapped treasure trove of goodness! xx


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2 Responses to “Meet Flannel Flower.”
  1. Marie Lamond says:

    Glad to see some flannels on your website. Very few florists use these beautiful flowers which have a huge following in Japan. A group of growers on the Mid North Coast have been developing flannel flowers over the last ten years and now have some very lovely varieties, longer stems bigger flowers longer vase life. Contact Sandra Crockett of the Native Flower Growers Co Op if you want to purchase their product or make some enquiries. Ph 0403 487 122.