Daisy & Ka Wai’s sunny yellow wedding

Despite the name of this post, Daisy and Ka Wai’s wedding day started with torrential rain. Big fat scary raindrops, falling relentlessly and turning Sydney into a wet sopping mess!  When I got to Daisy’s place, I looked at the bouquets in the back seat, down at my raincoat, and pondered my next move. In a sacrifice that all good florists make at times like these, I took off my raincoat, threw it over the flowers and ran all the way to Daisy’s apartment block. I was drenched, but luckily the bouquets still looked gorgeous!

Daisy’s bouquet was made up of yellow roses with small clusters of daisies sprinkled throughout. Not many people get the chance to include a flower namesake in their bouquet! Daisy was a stunning bride and makeup extraordinaire Amy Chan was on hand to add to the glamour!

Yellow rose and daisy bouquet 

I didn’t get the pleasure of meeting Ka Wai before the wedding, so I was excited to meet Daisy’s man-to-be when I got to the church. Daisy had told me repeatedly that he was a really fun-loving guy, and even requested that the buttonholes be something fun and lively to match his personality.

So actually, I shouldn’t have been surprised when I walked into the church and saw this:

Dancing groomsmen! It made me giggle to see them refining their moves and hearing the theme from Pink Panther being played in church.

Billy button butthonhole

Daisy and Ka Wai’s reception took place at the ah-mazing Zest at Point Piper, and even better, the rain finally stopped and the sun had come out! After a week of horrible weather, it was so nice to see the warm sunlight streaming through the windows as I setup the venue. Their yellow and white theme added to the sunniness of the day!

Yellow and white centrepiece with lemons

Zest Point Piper table centrepiece

With the help of creative genius Steph from Stelloberry Designs, we put together this seating chart and photoboard that I just loved to bits!

I’m assuming from this picture below, a pretty good time was had by all?

Congratulations again Daisy and Ka Wai, and thank you for letting me be a part of your special day! Thank you also to Alphonsus and Grace from 3.2.1 Photography for these wonderful images!



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