Feeling Thankful

feeling thankful

It is a beautiful sunny winter’s day today and as I look out over the glistening water, I can’t help but feel incredibly blessed for the road I have found myself travelling the past few years.


I am thankful my husband gave me a not-so-gentle nudge to finally leave the corporate world behind and embark on a new life with flowers. Thankful I was inspired to start Butterfly Philosophy and grateful that so many vendors and couples have jumped on board and allowed me to be part of their wedding days. Thankful that my days are spent up to my eyeballs in gorgeous flowers, that I get to meet delightful couples over and over again, and that I get to be part of one of the most joyous days in people’s lives.

Looking back through my photos, I wanted to share a few from the wedding of Michelle and Gordy. These guys are so dear to my heart as Michelle and Gordy were Butterfly Philosophy’s very first clients! That they were willing to entrust me with their wedding florals despite knowing it was my first foray into working on my own is something I won’t soon forget. It was a wonderful day, all went well and they became my first happy clients! Butterfly Philosophy has come a long way, but I still remember that day so fondly, and am thankful for all that has unfolded since then. Thank you Michelle and Gordy! xx

Michelle with dusty rose wedding bouquet

Michelle and Gordy Ceremony

Pink Grey wedding bouquets

Michelle and Gordy Sunset


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7 Responses to “Feeling Thankful”
  1. Clara A. says:

    Elaine! You are incredibly talented and I’m sure there will be plenty more weddings coming your way! :)

  2. J & S Chew says:

    So cool, so beautiful. You followed your heart and it shows in your work! Well done! We are so proud of you. Press on…….and let the creativity flow. God bless.

  3. kewpie says:

    i admire anyone that believes in themselves and pursues what they’re truly passionate about! well done in leaving the corporate world and following your dream!

    • elaine says:

      Yes, the best decision I’ve ever made! (well, one of anyways) Love my job :)

    • Mavrick says:

      Non il t’aime c’est tout !! Mais j’ai connu tout ça aussi !!Au fait , s’il te regarde ou s&psquo;aprroche de toi quand tu fais l’amour, lui, il croit que tu joues, alors il veut jouer aussi !!